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Supply Chain Solutions

Good process leads to real results. With Potru Supply Chain Solutions, we combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value. So you can be more efficient. Leaner. More agile. So you can free up cash flow. Save money. Deliver smarter.


Supply Chain Solutions’ experienced consultants help you unlock your supply chain potential to help you grow, reduce cost and innovate.

Supply Chain Management

A well-managed supply chain can be a competitive advantage. Potru provides improved performance you can measure.

Transportation Management

We drive you forward by assessing your transportation environment, then providing the tools to create measurable change.

Lean Materials Management

Whether you need to cut costs or streamline processes, Potru can get you lean—and keep you lean.

Distribution Management

Distribution should be driven by process. Potru helps you manage your distribution by creating an efficient process that you can implement.

Strategic Sourcing

Supply Chain Solutions makes sense of how, when and where to buy the components you need to deliver your product to its final destination.